Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thai Cafe again

Last week I met a colleague at Thai Cafe on University Drive. The lunch entrees come with either a bowl of coconut soup or a salad. I had the soup. It was spicy, flavorful broth. Besides coconut milk, it had lemongrass and red chili in it. I found it light and refreshing.

For a starter, my friend and I shared an order of four crab angels, aka crab Rangoon. They were rich and therefore perfect for sharing. When I was a kid I loved crab Rangoon. One time my mother and I even made them at home. The crab angels did not disappoint although they were probably not as good as homemade.

My main course was spicy basil chicken in a curry and coconut milk sauce. It was hot but not bring-me-to-tears hot.

On Saturday at the farmers' market, I bought some Thai basil and decided to try some Thai food at home. Thai basil is more fragrant when cooked. It seems sweeter to me than regular basil. I tried an easy, stir-fry recipe for gai pad bai gaprow from

It turned out great, and I thought I might try it sometime with shrimp. The sweetness of shrimp would go well with the Thai basil and the spiciness of the red pepper.

My next venture in Thai cooking will either be summer rolls or a red curry with coconut milk.


Rae said...

I like Thai cafe but I've always thought it was overpriced for what they offer....

durhamfood said...

Agreed. Twisted Noodles is better, and better value.

Well done for managing to get getting something actually spicy at Thai Cafe. I've ordered stuff that was supposed to be 'Thai hot' there, which I expect to be hot as hell, only to get some pretty mild dish, much to my disappointment.

Kelly said...

One big plus for me is that I can walk to Thai Cafe!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good meal there. We have never had luck with Thai Cafe(gave it three shots). In fact, after 7 years here, we can't seem to find any notable Thai in the Triangle. Luckily the local Asian markets carry most of the ingredients to do decent Thai at home (simple techniques). However still have not found dried mon dong.... maybe that's a good thing.