Sunday, February 17, 2008

Taco shack: La Vaquita

Recently Gourmet magazine featured a story about Durham's taquerias. La Vaquita on Chapel Hill Street is mentioned in the article. It's a tiny take out place with a large cow standing on the roof (not a real cow), hence the name La Vaquita. The place used to be a dairy but that was well before my time in Durham.

Nowadays it is a great taqueria run by a guy from Veracruz, Mexico. I've been a few times. The food is fresh and delicious. I've tried almost every variety of meat fillings for the tacos, sincronizada (basically a quesadilla), and huaraches (thick, corn tortilla). My favorite is the carne asada which is simply grilled beef. My next favorite is the barbacoa which is beef in a mildly spicy sauce. My third favorite is the ground chorizo sausage. But then the carnitas is great too...OK I like it all. Don't make me choose a favorite! The tacos are served on a soft corn tortilla with a wedge of lime and some radishes. I adore the sincronizada with carne asada. It is served with lettuce, tomato, crema (kind of like sour cream) and cheese.

One day I will branch out and try the shrimp with garlic and maybe the mole.

The food takes awhile to appear because everything is freshly made, so don't go if you expect fast food.

The place is located between my gym and my house. If I have a good work out, I treat myself!


Guus said...

After reading your review I looked it up. The official name is "Taqueria La Vaquita‎":

2700 Chapel Hill Rd
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 402-0209

Kelly said...


Anonymous said...

oh, yay!!! there was a young man (12-ish?) passing out menus for them late last week, and I was *drooling* over the descriptions! My husband, not so impressed, but he doesn't like Tex-Mex, and is iffy on Mex.

You've given me impetus to try them!

durhamfood said...

The mole is very good and their lengua torta is wonderful stuff.

Anonymous said...

This place is the best!!! I think their Pastor tacos are one of the best in the triangle. I just hate the fact that they close by 9:00pm and my desire for always late at night.