Monday, June 16, 2008

A picnic and my Ethiopian food fix

I spent the past weekend hanging out with my family in Kansas City. That's in Missouri, if you recall from an earlier post. There is one in Kansas too, but it's a smaller town.

On Saturday, we went to my dad's farm where we had a huge feast with several family friends. We ate fried fish, fried frog legs, potatoes, and numerous salads and desserts. The fish was white bass from a lake in Missouri. It was great! The frog legs suffered from being battered and fried. They were too tough. Frog legs require gentle treatment like a sauté.

After waxing loudly and repeatedly about how much I miss Ethiopian food since the closure of the Queen of Sheba in Chapel Hill last year, my family finally relented and agreed for dinner on Father's Day at the Blue Nile in the market district. Happily my dad really likes Ethiopian food. We ordered a ton of stuff. Everyone adored the beef and vegetable sambusas, savory, pastry turnovers. I ate and ate wanting to taste and savor everything several times. I am still not hungry. The beef tibbs and beef watt were simply fantastic. My favorite dishes though are the vegetables.

If I ever feel hungry again, I am going to figure out something new to do with a package of shrimp from the coast that my friend brought me.

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