Thursday, July 24, 2008

Very Weird FOOD

I dare someone to buy this: lobster ice cream!

Let me know how it tastes.


mindy said...

I had it straight from the source when I was visiting Bar Harbor, and it's surprisingly good. Lobster is so naturally sweet it works ok as an ice cream. It's no competition for chocolate peanut butter cookie dough but it's worth a try ;)

Ben and Bill's is definitely a must-do if you are ever in Bar Harbor, Maine. Their ice creams and chocolate treats are killer.

Salamanzar & Grand Poobah Wine Swami said...

I'll try it. If one or two people want to split a half gallon with shipping. Give me a call at the wine shop or send an email. - Salamanzar

K said...

Salamanzar, count me in.

Salamanzar & Grand Poobah Wine Swami said...

Okay, we have 3 to split a half gallon. I'll check into ordering it next week. Thanks Dawn and K. - Salamanzar