Monday, November 24, 2008

Cranberries: a sauce and a relish

Unable to choose between a cooked cranberry sauce and a raw cranberry relish, I think I will make both.

Here is the recipe to my favorite cranberry sauce made with caramelized onions. It's good with cheese if you have leftovers.

I want to try something new so I plan to make this recipe from Susan Stanberg on NPR. I like raw cranberry and I love horseradish. I can't quite imagine how it will turn out, so we'll see. I'm not entirely sure my guests will like it because horseradish is one of those things people either love or vehemently loathe.

I am fixing a roasted turkey that I'll cover in a cheese cloth soaked in garlic, orange juice, orange rind, bay and maybe some brandy. I'll remove the cheese cloth for the last hour so the skin will get crispy.

I'm hungry just thinking of it.


Vera said...

A friend of mine makes his mother's raw cranberry relish and its divine. I've been meaning to get the specifics of this coveted recipe, but it doesnt involve much more than cranberries, oranges (including rind!) and a hand cranked meat grinder. the texture and tart are what make this amazingly simple thing so unbelievable!

K said...

MMMMM. My mom makes that one, but she does in food processor.