Monday, January 29, 2007

Brunch at Piedmont

Remember what I said earlier about the chef/owner of Piedmont being a genius at any preparations involving pork? Well the Sunday brunch certainly attests to that. I had a dish called Piedmont eggs which is their take on eggs benedict/florentine: two poached eggs over prosciutto and spinach on a slice of focaccio with a hollandaise sauce. The proscuitto was out-of-this-world delcious and a wonderful variation on the eggs benedict theme. This was not the slimy stuff vacuum packaged in plastic that masquerades as proscuitto in most supermarkets.

The eggs were on the medium side of runny. So if you like your eggs very runny, then specify that. I'm fine w/ medium cooked eggs.

My friend had the French toast. It was also very good and Piedmont is getting a reputation for it. Basically, it is battered and fried pound cake. YUMMY!

Bloody marys were good too and garnished w/ a pickled okra. That's a nice, Southern touch and so much more interesting than a piece of celery!

As usual, the service at Piedmont was slow and not very attentive. I hope they will work on improving that. Fortunately we were not in a hurry, and I have a general view that people should linger over meals instead of the usual eat and run. However, do not make me sit at my table without water, coffee, or cocktail for any longer than 2 minutes. If I ask for butter for my biscuit, bring the butter before my biscuit gets cold. It ain't hard.

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Carrie said...

Thanks for your review of Piedmont's brunch! We went for Valentines day dinner and enjoyed it, and I've been wanting to get there for lunch or brunch one of these days!