Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lunch in RTP: Part 1 and Part 2

By special request, I'm going to give a run down on the decent places to eat in Research Triangle Park since so many of us work out there. Thankfully, there are more options than fast food. In recent years, the food in the Park has actually become somewhat interesting, especially if your definition of the Park includes Davis Drive this side of Preston (and mine does).

I'll divide the places to eat into four areas: Alexander Drive and Miami, Miami Blvd by I-40, Davis Drive past Cisco but before Preston, and the hwy 55/hwy 54 intersection.

Part 1:
At Alexander and Miami there is a strip mall that has a surprising number of lunchtime gems which all happen to be locally owned:
1. Cheerz deli for sub sandwiches
2. Piper's in the Park for salads and a wonderful grilled pimento cheese sandwich
3. Danny's BBQ for well, you know, BBQ
4. Jumpin' Java Cafe for delicious, freshly made paninis and salads

Part 2:
At Miami and I-40 all the way Morrisville there are good options and all are locally owned except Bojangles:
1. Rudino's for pizza buffet (yummy dessert pizza too that is smothered in butter, cinnamon and frosting)
2. Bojangles for cajun chicken biscuit and sweet tea (if you are not a Southern pls do not be afraid of Bojangles. It is worth the trip)
3. Serena's for sandwiches and great salads. NOTE: Serena's is the ONLY PLACE in RTP to go get an after work glass of wine and some apps. They have tapas. Love it!
4. Lena's (behind Wendy's) for panini's, sandwiches , soup in bread bowls and delicious daily specials.
5. Pita Express for Greek food is down from Lena's in the same strip mall behind Wendy's. The owner is a lovely Greek man. They have good daily specials, delicious Greek salad, and baklava.
6. Neomonde which is on Miami down past the 540 exit ramp maybe a mile or so for Lebanese food. I love their chick pea salad, lentils and onions, and walnut chicken salad. They make the best falafel pitas I've found in the area.

Have a good lunch! More later.


Krista said...

Kelly...thanks for compiling is sorely needed! --K

Dave said...

Highly useful. The Lebanese place just went on the to-do list.

Anonymous said...

To be sure, Neo Monde is not strictly Lebanese. I have friends who feel that 9N9 in the Alexander/Miami Blvd. Strip Mall is also good. I would also recommend Carmen's Cuban Cafe beside Quiznos on Airport Blvd. by the Outlet Center.