Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lunch in RTP: Part 3

Part 3

For many many years Davis Drive from IBM all the way to High House Road in Cary was pretty much a wasteland for food. Happily (or unhappily if you are opposed to urban sprawl) many new places are opening up on Davis is Morrisville/Cary north of Preston (I think it's north but I'm not 100% sure as there are so many trees I can never see where the sun is).

Anyway, here is the run down:

1. Saffron in the strip mall by Harris Teeter: It's a new Indian restaurant with a good lunch buffet and, allegedly, a great dinner menu although I cannot attest to this fact yet. I'm usually so glad to get out of RTP in the evenings that dining there does not occur to me. Anyway, what I like about Saffron is the decor. It is really a beautiful space: modern and sleek but warm and inviting, plus there are no velvet shivas hanging on the wall.

2. Harris Teeter: They have some good things on their salad bar like the Greek salad and the ceasar salad. They also have a good deli counter where they make sandwiches to order. In addition, there is a Starbucks. And you can pick up cat food while your at it! My routine: cat food, salad, Starbucks.

3. Inchin's Bamboo Garden: this is a fairly new Chinese / Pan-Asian restuarant in the Morrisville Market strip mall further down Davis Dr. It also has nice, contemporary decor devoid of Asian kitsch. The food is better than Chinese take out for sure and they have lunch specials that include soup, main course, and a drink.

4. Rumor: apparently a Salsa Fresh is opening in the same strip mall as Inchin's Bamboo Garden! That will be a major food development as RTP is surprisingly short on burrito places. I'll confirm that there was a sighting of a Salsa Fresh sign very soon.


Nathan Gilliatt said...

The Salsa Fresh in Morrisville opened a while back. It's just like the Raleigh locations, just closer to home. :-)

Have you checked out Nikos Taverna? I always liked Taverna Nikos but haven't been to the new location.

Kelly said...

Oh good to hear that Salsa Fresh is open. I've only been to the Niko's in Durham. I will try the one in Morrisville.