Friday, March 2, 2007

Lunch in RTP: Part 4

Update: Apparently the Salsa Fresh down Davis Drive is open now. I'll head over next week to check it out. The one in Raleigh is great so I'm hoping this one is too!

The area around the intersection of highways 54 and 55 has many options for food. Not all of them are good. The intersection has the usual fast food optons (my favorite being Chick-fil-a for chicken strips and waffle fries. Like Bojangles, Chick-fil-a is a Southern institution). My favorite places to eat in this part of RTP are the following:

1. Sarah's Empanda's: Sarah's is in a strip mall down Hwy 55 maybe a mile from the 54/55 intersection towards Cary, not Durham. Get the corn and raisin empandas with a side of half rice and half beans. Corn and raisin sounds weird, but they are delicious!

2. Park Diner: This place is located across the parking lot from Sarah's Empanda's. They also do great salads and sandwiches made fresh.

3. Akashi Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar: Located at 2223 Hwy 54, this place is the best sushi option in RTP. My friends and I also like to get the bento box which includes a choice of delightful things.

4. El Dorado: The only Mexican place in RTP is located in the shopping center (I think there is a Food Lion in there) down on Hwy 55 at the junction with Hwy 54 on the southwest corner of the intersection (I think). The atmosphere is tacky Mexican kitsch but the food is the standard Mexican fare. I could eat a gallon of their salsa. It is very good.

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