Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Tonight I went to Alivia's for dinner again. It was the best meal I've had there yet! The starter was goat cheese (I could eat it every day!) and beets. I am not a huge fan of beets. If you met my mother, she would happily pull out a picture she took of me when I was 2 and had refused to eat some beets she gave me. I proceeded to smear them all over me, the chair, the plate, etc. Anyway, I grew up. Beets are somewhat tolerable especially when accompanied by goat cheese.

For the main course I had what was easily the best fish dish I've had in ages. It was the daily special: John Dory, a white flat fish, with a Mediterranean cream sauce (tomato, cream, olives, capers). It was heavenly. I don't know what made it so good but I suspect there was a lot of butter in the cream sauce. I could have licked the plate! Fortunately for my dining companion, I refrained.

I had no room for dessert.

The service was decent except that the waitress confused our wines and poured us a tempranillo that we didn't like. This afforded me the opportunity to talk to the handsome bartender so I bore no grudge to the waitress!


Krista said...

Kelly...where is this located and what type of food? I must've missed post #1 on this.

Kelly said...

Here is the original post:

It is located at the corner of Gregson and Main St in the old bike shop. You cannot miss it. It is bright green.