Monday, March 12, 2007

Endive stuffed w/ goat cheese

OK, by now you've probably noticed that I love goat cheese: endive w/ goat cheese, pizza w/ goat cheese, butternut squash pasta w/ goat cheese, artichokes w/ goat cheese.

I wonder if I need to branch out a bit in terms of favorite recipes. This is probably no accident. I lived in the Poitou region of France which is reknowned for goat cheese. I first had it there and I learned to love it.

Anyway, here is a recipe from Cooking Light for an amazing appetizer for your next cocktail party.

I found it somewhat laborious but definitely worth the effort. Of course to me laborious constitutes peeling 2 oranges! The combination of flavors and textures make this app a winner. It always gets devoured even by people who don't like goat cheese. The crunchy / sweet honey walnuts are a gorgeous foil to the sharpness of the oranges and the tangy, creamy goat cheese. The endive itself has a crunchy bitterness that compliments it well. Whoever thought of this recipe was a genius and certainly very sensitive to the subtleties of the palate.

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