Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lunch in RTP: Part 5

Time for an update on places I've tried recently in RTP:

1. Nikko's: located in the Harris Teeter strip mall off of Davis Drive. This is the second location of Nikko's, the first being in Brightleaf Square. I prefer this location to the one in Brightleaf because the decor is so much more attractive. Brightleaf Nikko's has that Greek villa kitsch thing going on that is really rather an eyesore. The RTP Nikkos is much more attractive w/ high ceilings covered with tiny, hanging halogen lights. The walls are warm colors without murals of Rhodes painted on them. The food is just as good as the Brightleaf location. For starters I had taramosalata (a fish roe dip) that was so rich I could only eat a couple of bites. For the main course I had spanikopita. It was garlicky and yummy. I'll go back to Nikko's.

2. Salsa Fresh: located further down Davis Drive from the Nikko's strip mall. Finally we have a great burrito joint in RTP. I wouldn't exactly call Salsa Fresh a Mexican restaurant. It's more of the California burrito ilk, but I love it! I had the roasted veggies burrito w/ guacamole. What is especially fun about Salsa Fresh is the line up of salsas (hence the name). There are 5 or 6 different varieties. I like to get a bit of eat, line them up, and taste them to figure out which one I like best. I do this every time even though I know which one I like best (the spicy, cooked one)!

3. Red Dragon: located next door to Nikko's. This is the best FAST Chinese food in the park. For one thing the decor is attractive unlike some of the Chinese buffets in the area. Additionally the food looks like...wait for it...FOOD and not some deep fried meat-ish bits swimming in overly sweet and overly thick sauce unlike some of the Chinese buffets in the area. For about $6 bucks you can get a main dish w/ a side of rice, fried or white but no wholewheat, and an egg roll. I had garlic and broccoli beef. It tasted fresh and exactly how garlic, broccoli and beef should taste! My friend had a chicken dish and she liked it enough to take home the leftovers.

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Krista said...

Can't wait for your review of Two Guys Grille! :-)