Saturday, March 31, 2007

Peet's Coffee in Cincinnati airport

Yesterday I subjected myself to the ignomy of air travel again in order to fly to KC, MO to see my nieces.

Delta has the worst coffee. I think I mentioned that before. Would it really be that hard to make a decent cup of coffee on an airplane? I'm thinking Dunkin' Donuts level of quality would be just fine. It doesn't have to be soy, skinny, mocha-cino, latte with hazelnut Italian flavoring. No, a plain, good cup of coffee would do.

Alas, this is not to be, especially not on Delta. I bet Air France and AlItalia have drinkable coffee.

So I get to Cincinnati is a foul mood: I had to be at the airport at 5:30AM (I am NOT a morning person), they wouldn't let me take on board a brand new tube of CHANEL lipstick/lipgloss because I didn't have it in a ziplock bag (the day terrorists hijack a plane with CHANEL lipgloss is the same day hell freezes over), I lost a handmade gold earring in the hullabalo, AND they rifled through my checked bag and broke the buckle of my Dolce and Gabanna belt.

At least the flights were on time, but I was grumpy especially with no coffee.

Well, thanks be to God, I spotted a Peet's Coffee shop in Concourse B of the Cincinnati airport! You can get all of the fancy coffee drinks from the Peet's shop but what they are actually known for roasting, blending and selling their own brand of coffee beans. I knew get a decent cup from these people! I relished the dark, smooth, hot coffee and my mood improved dramatically.

I also bought a 1lb bag of Columbian ground coffee for my mother because she usually tries to foist decaf or half-caf upon me. We had that for breakfast this morning. It made a strong, smooth cup that was good with and without milk.

Peet's Coffee sells their products on their web site. I think I might starting buying from them. They are based out of Berkeley, CA, and have been in the coffee roasting business since 1966.

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Krista said...

Kelly, if there is a Great Harvest Bread Company near you locally, they serve Peet's coffee and sell it by the bag. There's one in Raleigh off Six Forks and Strickland Rd if you want to make the trek. (Bread is off the hook too if you are uninitiated.)