Saturday, March 3, 2007

Paté Harris Teeter even

Paté is one of those things that I hated as a child and even into my early adulthood. Somewhere along the line, and in fact fairly recently, I have grown really crazy about paté. The best selection of paté in the area is of course at A Southern Season. They have several varieties to choose from. My favorite one is their paté de campagne which is a coarse paté instead of a mousse. It is made w/ duck and pork liver, if I recall.

Oddly enough, however, Harris Teeter sells very good mousse paté with either truffles or black peppercorns. Both are silky smooth and not overly liver-y. You can find the HT paté in the deli area in the big cheese case that has the imported (real) cheeses (not w/ the Kraft singles and shredded mozarella). The brand I bought is made in Canada and comes is a black plastic rectangular container w/ a clear lid. Give it a try.

When I die, I am going out in style in an evening gown and silk shoes. Then if I make it to Heaven, I'm going to eat paté and brie cheese and drink champagne three times a day!

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