Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Airport food

Travelling by air used to be a fairly civilized affair. Nowadays it is annoying at best and degrading at worst. Besides long lay overs, outrageous prices on tickets, and grumpy staff (hey, you'd be grumpy too at their salary so bear that in mind next time), they leave us to starve on the flights ,and then try to poison us in the airports with ghastly food options. Airport food places do actually count as "eateries" and not "restaurants" with a few exceptions.

The worst coffee I EVER drank was on an airplane, just as a side note. It was Delta.

When I travel, I take notice of places that are not familiar chains. I have found a couple of gems amidst what is an overwhelming pile of coal. Alas that I cannot recall which terminals, so I will have to leave that to you. Also, if you have discovered any half-civilized places for refreshment in airports, PLEASE reply to this post.

1. Memphis -- BBQ: at the end of one of the terminals in Memphis is a BBQ joint. You can smell it and see the line from afar. It's chopped beef BBQ which I love! yummy! The sauce is red and tomato based.

2. DFW -- La Bodega Wine Bar is located in two of the terminals (I've been to the one at A15 and there is one maybe in D). La Bodega is worth changing terminals for if you have a long lay over. Do not sit at your gate for 3 hours. Head to La Bodega. They have a great wine list, cheese plate and salmon pate. And you never know who you might see. I ran into John Galliano there! That's a story!

3. DFW -- local BBQ: One terminal definitely has a local BBQ place nestled among the Chinese, Wendy's, and Chili's To Go that is worth the visit. The BBQ is sliced beef brisket with tomato based BBQ sauce. I'm lovin' the beef BBQ! I ate the best green beans EVER at this place. They were loaded w/ onion and garlic and cooked in bacon fat. YUMMY. I wish I recalled the name of the place. Let me know if you find it.

4. Miami -- Worst food ever in the terminals BUT, in the main concourse there is a Cuban restaurant. I have no idea what it is called but it is the only one there and you cannot miss it. I had picadillo (I need to learn to make that), sides of black beans and rice, and fried plantains. It is above-average Cuban food and EXCEPTIONAL airport food, especially the plantains.

Sadly, I only have these four recommendations. If you travel a lot and can suggest more, please do!


Krista said...

Washington Reagan I'm told has a wonderful seafood restaurant called Legal Seafood with good crabcakes if you have time to sit down. They boast their interior makes you feel like you're not in the airport.

I grabbed coffee and a pretzel at an Auntie Anne's at DCA on my way to the metro....surprisingly good coffee if you are in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

I know these are all old but Legal Seafood is a chain most notably seen in Boston. I went to one in Long Island and want them to come to the area.