Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lunch in Beijing

We had a great lunch at a place specializing in food from the Guzhou province. I couldn't really tell you what the characteristic features are of this cuisine, but it is less oily than Beijing's native cuisine, not as spicy as Sichuan food, and not dim sum. I know that doesn't narrow it down too much, but that's the best I've got.

We had rabbit, whole fish with fresh herbs, pork with finely chopped veggies, spicy beef, braised celery, steamed, crunchy green beans, cucumber and spinach soup, scrambled eggs, garlic stuffed squash with rice thread noodles, fried rice, rice cakes with radish, mashed corn that looked like tamales, and some thin, slightly caramelized rice cakes.

Guess how one can scramble eggs with chopsticks? Put some clean smooth stones in a shallow, cast iron casserole. Heat until the dish and the stones are raging hot. Pour eggs over stones. Stir the eggs among the stones with the chopsticks. The stones simultaneously cook and scramble the eggs. It was fascinating though I don't think I will try this at home.

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don powers said...

Did you eat the listed items? I got full just reading the menu. How big arw egg scrambling stones? d/p