Friday, August 22, 2008

Tyler's Tap Room

It's been party time at work. Besides going to An, we went out to Tyler's Tap Room a couple of nights ago for beer and a casual dinner.

I like the old warehouses that have been converted into something useful, but Tyler's is a bit of a barn and the lights are very bright.

Tyler's does have a good selection of beers on tap, and they were featuring some local brews that everyone seemed to like, especially after two or three. The dinner menu is loaded with greasy treats like garlic fries and fried pickles.

Fried pickles are wonderfully strange. I cannot decide if I like them or not. They are certainly worth trying for novelty if nothing else.

I had a girlie beer, Unibroue Ephemere, and fish tacos. I ordered the fish tacos thinking they might be kind of healthy only to discover the fish was fried. It included tomato and shredded cabbage wrapped in flour tortilla. It was good, not exceptional. The hamburgers looked good so I may try one at some point. Ephemere is a tasty summer beer. It is pale, refreshing and it reminds me of apples without actually being as sweet as a cider.


phil said...

Fish tacos. I so remember my first few in San Diego, at the famed Rubios back ~1994. I had never dreamed of something so yummy: with cabbage instead of lettuce, white sauce instead of red, and maybe a little bit of salsa verde thrown on for fun. And over fish, by gum.

Since then, my Baja-style fish taco experiences have almost all been disappointing: radishes and wheat tortillas at Carrburitos in the late 90s, overcooking and no white sauce at Wahoo's in Denver last week. And in between: Rubios seems to have changed its recipe. Sigh. Oh well. Leave this one to the happiness of memory, then.


phil said...

p.s. oop -- sorry for omitting the apostrophe on "Rubio's". I had double-checked, but then gotten confused. Doh! (Er, I mean "D'oh!")

greg said...

fried pickles rule...

Anonymous said...

Tyler's is so over-rated. Their food is so-so and the owner is an ahole. I will never go back to that dump. My friend told me not to bother but I had to see for myself and now I will tell the rest of you not to bother. There are so many better bar and grills to go to in the triangle.