Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thai food: cure for a stuffy nose

Air travel tends to give me a cold almost every time I hit the skies. My latest trip was no exception. I woke this morning w/ a stuffy head and a sore throat so for lunch I decided to have something spicy hot to clear my head.

I trundled down to Thai Cafe to order something. I thought I would have the green papaya salad because it is cool and crisp one on hand and very spicy on the other. However, after looking at the lunch menu, I opted for grilled eggplant and grilled salmon with noodles. A red curry sauce coated the salmon, eggplant and noodles. It was topped with a garnish of lettuce which is a good foil to the hot curry.

I resisted the urge to buy some crab angels, also known as crab Rangoon, because I don't really need to eat any fried food today. I have a weakness for anything combining crab, cream cheese and a deep fryer, so resisting was no small feat.

With the onset of the cold season, keep in mind Thai food for stuffy nose relief!


Marsosudiro said...

"Air travel tends to give me a cold almost every time I hit the skies. "

This makes me all the more impressed with your international business work.

And it's part of the reason I never tried a "high-flying" career in high-$ business consulting. My immune system isn't very sturdy, and when I get a cold, I don't function much at all. So the idea of flying to China and then being expected to be business-productive (instead of snot-productive) is a laugh for me.

Foo Foo said...

I came upon your blog while searching for a remedy for stuffy nose. Spicy food sounds like a good idea, except I can't handle it. Which is why I prefer mixed Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Lao & Chinese food. I do find that even without a cold, chicken soup or any soup helps clear my nose. A pharmacist I asked said to use nasal spray.
I have cravings for crab rangoon, but only from 2 places. I don't care for the ones that use cottage cheese in place of cream cheese. It's just not right.