Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Better than pumpkin pie

Several years ago when I was planning Thanksgiving dinner, I felt bored and uninspired by the prospect of pumpkin pie. For one thing, I can never get my pie crusts to turn out quite as delicious as my grandmother's. For another, I don't like having to cook something just for the sake of ritual. And finally, I actually prefer sweet potato pie to pumpkin but then I didn't want to forgo a delicious recipe for mashed sweet potatoes as a side dish.

Happily I stumbled across a recipe from Gourmet for pumpkin cheesecake with bourbon sour cream topping. It suggests pumpkin pie flavors with a new twist. And the bourbon sour cream topping, well, need I say more?

Now I make it almost every year for the holidays not because I have to but because it is so good and everyone loves it. It has to be made the day ahead so that frees up your time on the big day. If you are really frazzled, lick the bowl where you made the bourbon sour cream topping. Or just have a shot of bourbon.


Joe said...

IMO, both bourbon and cognac work well with pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and their ilk. But I've garnered more compliments about the cognac (I think without telling folks until afterward what it was). Anyway, you might want to try cognac too sometime and see if you like it.

Slightly OT: Every time I see something in the supermarket that says it was, say, made with Jim Beam or Jack Daniel's, I'm sucked in, and it always tastes like crap. You'd think I'd learn. I like their bourbon/whiskey, but those barbecue sauces and the like all suck IMO.

Barry Ragin said...

The Jim Beam mustard is particularly inedible.

Maybe i should publish the results of the bourbon tasting we did last month some time?

Kelly said...

Yes, Barry, let's hear about the bourbon tasting! Also, I think it is scary to buy stuff that already has bourbon in it. You can make your own sauces and mustards w/ bourbon if you choose. I bet those things at the supermarket use something ghastly like bourbon extract. YUCK!

Joe said...

Barry: hell yeah. What have you got that blog for, anyway? ;)

Kelly: Bourbon extract might be pretty neat: maybe it'd get rid of that pesky water that's in regular bourbon. :)

Barry Ragin said...

Wild Turkey did not do too well in the bourbon tasting.

Blanton's did much better.

The surprise of the tasting was a mid-priced bourbon i'd never tried before called Elmer T. Lee, which garnered almost as many positives as Maker's Mark.

if i can find the tasting notes i'll post a bourbon tasting results.