Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nana's for dinner

Friday night I went to Nana's with two friends. For dinner we shared three very delicious starters: duck pate, crab and asparagus with a butter sauce, and wagyu beef meatballs with pasta and ricotta salata cheese. We drank a Gruener Vetliner that was dry, minerally, and chalky.

The mild and creamy pate is always delicious at Nana's. It is served with a variety of pickles, coarse grain mustard, raspberry preserves and crostini.

I enjoyed the crab the most on Friday. It's hard to beat the delicate crab and asparagus flavors enhanced by a butter sauce. The chef at Nana's really outdid himself. Run to Nana's to get the crab and asparagus!

One of my friends enjoyed the meatballs the most. The tiny meatballs were made of wagyu beef. Wagyu is a type of cattle that is typically fed a diet of beer resulting in intensely marbled meat. It's also known as Kobe-style beef which is generally priced outside of what I'm willing to pay for food. I am not sure that I can tell the difference between Kobe and regular beef, but the meatballs were certainly flavorful and tender. The pasta and meatballs starter would be fine for a light dinner.

For dessert we shared a coconut pound cake with creme caramel sauce and blackberries. I could have polished it off singlehandedly with no problem!


Jen said...

Hi, there! I came across your blog when Googling "Angelina's, Paris" ... and was amused to see our blogs look alike! Glad to come across it...You have a fun blog!

Jj said...

Cattle fed a diet of beer...that's very interesting! Sounds like a wonderful 'spread' you all had!