Friday, August 10, 2007

Blu Seafood and Bar for lunch

Today I had lunch with my girlfriends at the new Blu Seafood and Bar located on Hillsoborough St. just off of 9th St. where Grasshopper used to be.

We shared a plate of calamari for the starter. The calamari were not rubbery which is a major accomplishment around here. The batter wasn't very crisp. I think they need to cook the calamari in hotter oil so the batter cooks immediately and the squid itself only cooks a couple of minutes. It is so hard to get squid right. It turns to rubber quickly. In fact, squid is the one thing I'm actually afraid to cook. The lemon mayonnaise served on the side was nothing spectacular. It needed some fresh garlic to make it more exciting.

My sandwich was yummy! It was a shrimp salad in a hogie roll. The shrimp was chopped and mixed with diced red pepper, green onion, and celery and bound with a bit of mayonnaise. The shrimp was done perfect and the sandwich was very refreshing with a glass of dry gruner vetliner on a hot day like today.

I look forward to trying their dinner menu sometime. I really like fish and seafood but I eat it with trepidation. Seafood Watch puts out a guide for those of you who are interested in eating seafood responsibly.

After lunch, we went to LocoPops. I had Mexican (no surprise) chocolate popcicle and my friends had pomegranite tangerine and plum black current ones. All were mucho delicioso!


Anonymous said...


How much was your shrimp sandwich? Sounds like it was delicious.

I went with a friend to Blu last night for the first time and was a little disappointed. The dinner menu was pretty pricey. All the seafood entrees were $19 and above. My dish, shellfish paella, was good, but the seafood in it was only so-so. My friend's chicken was also a little dry.

I might go back and try it again for lunch. But at $19 a plate, I'm a little weary of going back for dinner.

Kelly said...

My sandwich was $7 or $8.

It does sound high for dinner. At that price, I'd rather spend a couple of more dollars on an entree and go to Magnolia Grill.

I'll have to check it out for dinner some night.

Phil said...

Kelly -- thanks for your comments on Blu.

Mine here at the Archer Pelican:

mathman said...

I don't mind the prices at Blu as long as I am getting a nice, fresh product. I ate the mutton snapper there this past weekend and I have to say it was one of the best fish dishes I have eaten in the Triangle. My husband had the paella and he hasn't stopped raving about it. I think the price is right, and they make up for it with a totally accessible wine list. ($50 and below.) I believe it is a welcome addition to our restaurant scene.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Foodie. I had a great dinner there last night. The paella was very good. Also, please post more recipes. I LOVE YOUR RECIPES