Friday, August 31, 2007

Ice cream drowned in espresso and brandy

The simplicity of this recipe astonishes me! I learned it from Titina, an Italian woman who has a cooking school at her shop in Cary called Capri Flavors. I hope you will agree that this is wonderful. The hot espresso melts some of the ice cream so when you get to the bottom of the bowl you have a delicious mess of melted ice cream, espresso and brandy. Under this circumstance, it might be OK to lick the bowl.

High quality vanilla ice cream
Brandy or cognac
Espresso, freshly made

Put two scoops of ice cream in each bowl. Pass around a bottle of brandy or cognac for each person to add a tablespoon or so. Pass around a pitcher filled w/ hot espresso to pour on top of the ice cream and brandy. Eat, drink, and be very, very happy.

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Phil said...

Certain friends and I think it's acceptable to lick the bowl under almost any circumstance. Certain restaurateurs are tickled, as well :-)

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