Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thai Cafe

Last night I walked over to the Thai Cafe for dinner with a friend. I hadn't been there since the first week it was opened and the food was terrible. Since then many people have told me they love Thai Cafe. I decided to give it another try, and I was delightfully surprised to have a delicious meal.

My friend and I shared tofu panang curry (red curry) and beef pad soo wen (noodles with vegetables). Both dishes were good but the panang curry was really outstanding, especially for a tofu dish. I like tofu but it can be bland and have a weird texture. The tofu in the panang curry was light and airy on the inside and crisp and sweet on the outside. It reminded me of a donut. Yes, a donut. The curry had a nice kick but it wasn't knock your socks off spicy. I'm sure they could make it spicier if a person asked.

The pad soo wen, I think that was the name, was tasty too and the veggies were fresh and crisp, not overcooked.

I look forward to going back. Next time I will try some of the starters. They looked good.


Carrie said...

I also enjoy their martini menu. :)

Phil said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Thai Cafe on your second visit. I mean -- it's WALKING DISTANCE from your house! What a horror to have a walking distance Thai restaurant that you don't like! (I hope you like the walking distance Indian food.)

My own Thai Cafe experiences have been mixed. Some of the items were good. Others bland. The owners appreciate their customers, but the table service is clunky, at best.

In any case, I'm also glad that the business has done well enough to expand into the former car dealership offices next door.

Also, thanks for mentioning the tofu like a donut. That's funny! I had tofu at the Twisted Noodle that more closely resembled a wash towel. Overcooked, and tasting of soap. Several diners had the same complaint, so the restaurant quickly took everything back. They think that soapy water must have been left over in the tofu pail. Ewww.

Dave said...

If you are going for the starters, the crab puffs are usually outstanding.

Andrew said...

I wouldn't say that Thai Cafe is top notch, but it is certainly serviceable when you need a fix. And without a doubt, it's an improvement over La Valita, whose kitchen never once delivered what we ordered in the dozen or so times we went.


Libby said...

where is this place? links would be nice!