Monday, August 27, 2007

A shrimp salad tradition

I drove back from sailing at the coast this morning at 6am. I hate mornings but it is worth it when I get to spend a weekend sailing and a weekend hanging out w/ my friends who are very good cooks.

Saturday night we had a shrimp boil with a big salad, bruschetta for dinner, and ice cream with chocolate sauce for dessert. On Sunday we use the left over shrimp for this lovely salad that with iceberg lettuce and blue cheese seems very retro fabulous to me. My friend's mother used to make this salad for luncheons with the ladies. I bet they wore gloves and hats.

Here's how to make it:

Toast some slices of white bread. Mash a layer of blue cheese onto one side of the toasted bread. Put chopped iceberg lettuce on top of the cheese. Pile on some chopped peeled, cooked shrimp (leftover from your shrimp boil the day before). Make a dressing of leftover cocktail sauce mixed with a little mayonnaise to your taste. Spoon some dressing over the shrimp. Pour some chilled white wine. Eat. Drink. Be happy.


Anonymous said...

Excellent recipe.

Anonymous said...

Wait ... unpeeled?

Kelly said...

Peel the shrimp for the salad. Chop it into rough pieces. Pile on top of the lettuce.