Friday, June 8, 2007

The best biscuits

One afternoon in Paris I turned to my friend Stella who was from Arkansas and asked her what she missed the most about the States. She drawled, "Ah miyuss cayat hed bizcuts and reyud eyhhh gravuh."

No one outside of the America understands biscuits and gravy much less Stella's accent.

I decided a few months ago that I would try the top three most recommended biscuit restaurants to see which place sells the best ones. I sampled egg biscuits from Biscuitville on 15-501 business (frighteninly near my house), Sunrise Biscuits on Franklin St., and Bojangles.

I am a frequent visitor to Biscuitville and an occasional visitor to Bojangles. Sunrise is nowhere near my house so I was excited about trying it. Oh what a let down! Sunrise microwaves their biscuits I'm sure of it! The flavor was good but the texture had that rubbery bread texture that happens when bread gets microwaved.

Bojangles biscuits are wonderful but very heavy on the grease. They are also huge bordering on the size of cat heads. Bojangles biscuits taste slightly processed and somewhat fast foodish as well.

I was surprised, and delighted because of proximity, to discover that Biscuitville makes the superior biscuit. The biscuits are not as large or, thankfully, as greasy as Bojangles. They are fluffy and fresh with the right amount of saltiness that does not overpower. They also do not use microwaves.

So if you are going to spend your calories on biscuits, go to Biscuitville.

Gravy, on the other hand, is a different matter. The best gravy in town is red eye gravy from Big Ed's in Raleigh or bacon gravy made right in your own kitchen. I've not yet found the best sausage gravy. I'm still looking. I'm partial to gravy made with bacon fat.


Michael Bacon said...


Welcome to the bloggers list! It's great to have another food blog around! (If you haven't already, check out Joe's place.

Biscuitville is one of those places that break my anti-chain bias. When you can watch them make the biscuits in front of you, and see that they know what they're doing, it makes a difference. By the way, I recommend the one on Club across from Northgate over the one on Hillsborough Rd. I haven't had the Chapel Hill Blvd. one or the Miami Blvd./Holloway one enough to pass judgement.

Elmo's also does a mean biscuits and gravy. I find their biscuits way too bready for just munching with eggs and oatmeal, but with Elmo's sausage gravy all over them, they perform superbly. I'd have to say that Honey's biscuits and gravy aren't quite as tasty as Elmo's, because of the spicy kick the latter's sausage gives it, but it's more of a pure thing.

Anyway, I'm happy to have found your blog! I'm about to redo my blogroll, and you'll be in it when I get done with the redo...

Krista said...

Kelly: There is only one word in biscuits: Popeye's.