Thursday, June 14, 2007

Off to Paris!

I am leaving tomorrow for Paris with my parents. I am beside myself with joy! My 'rents are fun and fortunately pretty adventerous.

I could easily spend the entire time in Paris eating. Unfortunately there are only three meals in a day! I also don't want to be as wide as I am tall. PLus my eyes are bigger than my stomach most of the time.

My blog will be dark until I get back. Lights out because I do not believe in taking computers on vacation. Love the web, but in my heart of hearts I am a Luddite. I don't want a computer, a microwave, a dvd player, a blender, an mp3 player, a cell phone or a bagel slicer. I don't even really need a Kitchen Aid or a coffee pot with a timer (that I never use).

So while I am in my Luddite bliss of reading news while getting gray smudges on my fingers, drinking my coffee out of china instead of styrofoam whatever, and walking my feet off (Dad picked up some moleskin), know that I love you all and will be back soon with tales of my sojourn. I plan to do a post on Monday, June 25, as soon as I return (unless my plane is late and I don't get back until June 26).

Eat joyfully and buy local produce!

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Sandra said...

Yummy. This site makes me hungry. /sandy