Monday, June 11, 2007

Dinner at Nana's: wild boar!

Tonight I had dinner at Nana's with a friend. The menu was more spectacularly inspired than usual. It was plate-licking good.

I had wild boar with bernaise sauce and grilled radicchio and a root vegetable that I did not recognize, but who cares about root vegetables when there is wild boar on the menu! I first disovered wild boar when living in England and France. It is kind of like pork but the texture is smoother and the flavor is sweeter and gamey. I don't know how else to describe it, but I seriously wanted to lick my plate at Nana's. I should have done it just to shock people.

My friend, who has lovely manners and would never lick a plate even if I bribed him, orderd a Kobe beef flank steak with polenta, cipollini onions, and rapini. Apparently it was real Kobe beef (these cows live their lives drunk on beer). I don't think it tasted any different than any top quality piece of beef in a nice restaurant, BUT its tenderness was amazing. Usually flank steak is tough, sometimes tougher than shoe leather, but this was as tender as a filet.

For dessert I ordered a strawberry crostada with candied citrus peel and ice cream. My friend ordered creme fraiche, butter pecan ice cream. Both were delicious. Two bites in, we traded plates. I love love love butter pecan ice cream.

I'm not really into hunting but I might just give it a try if I can get me a wild boar!

In the meantime, head to Nana's before they change their menu!


Phil said...

Good for lickworthy. Lickworthy is good.

See here for someone who feels the same, plus a theological note while you're at it:

Anonymous said...

I Googled you and here you are! Amazing how you can find people these days. Drop me a line sometime -

Pam Burns