Friday, September 21, 2007

Favorite coffee

My new favorite coffee is La Golondrina from Colombia available from Counter Culture, the local Durham coffee roasting company. I bought it at the Wine Authorities on University Drive although usually I pick up Counter Culture coffees at Fosters on the Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd. My other favorite from Counter Culture is the Pop's Blend.

I like my coffee rich, dark and complex but smooth. I make it extra strong in order to taste the full flavor. La Golondrina fits the bill. I've been looking for this coffee for a while. I like that it is not at all bitter. It is bright without acidity. It's a coffee that tastes very good with milk in it. I make it with 1 scoop per cup plus one extra.

So stop buying Starbucks. Support local business! If you do not own a coffee grinder, go buy one. Everyone should grind their own beans. The coffee tastes better, fresher, richer when ground fresh for each pot.

When I was in Kansas City a few weeks ago, I finally managed to badger my father into making a decent pot of coffee. This is the man, if you recall from my Paris postings, who was happy to get back to the States so he could have a "real" cup of coffee. He made me ask a waitress for "American" coffee, aka brown water. She had no idea so I ordered him a cup of coffee plus a pitcher of hot water. Anyway, when I was home I pleaded and begged and invoked my grandfather who figured out how to make a fine cup of coffee out of FOLGERS! My dad listened and learned. Now when I'm home he's the coffee maker. My mother is secretly delighted because it means he has to get up to put on the coffee!


Anonymous said...

Cool! I'll have try that coffee. Also, try Joe Van Gogh's coffees; they're my absolute favorite (the darker, greasier ones are). They're out of nearby Hillsborough.

tom loach said...

The best coffee is Mission Grounds Gormet Coffee. A very flavorful smooth Costa Rica coffee. And its the most satisfying coffee you will ever drink as all the profits go to help kid's. Its a church coffee or the coffee my church serves but you can get it on line.