Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Champagne punch

For a twist on a mimosa, try this champagne punch. I made it for a baby shower on Saturday. Everyone loved it. It is great for brunch and totally easy to make. The hardest part is opening the champagne. By the way, never pop a champagne cork in an uncontrolled fashion unless you want to cause property or bodily damage. Instead, keep a firm hold of the cork and gently pry it out of the bottle. There will be a pop because of the pressurized contents but people will not need to duck and run for cover.

Citrus champagne punch:

¾ c. apricot juice

¾ c. pink grapefruit cocktail

12 oz. can of orange tangerine frozen concentrate thawed

3 c. champagne

Combine juices and mix w/ champagne

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