Monday, July 30, 2007

Foccacia and eggs

One of the best parts of visiting friends is sharing meals and learning new recipes. My friends in Oriental fixed a wonderful breakfast on Saturday morning: fresh fruit, bacon, strong coffee and a wonderful dish called lemon and basil eggs over foccacia by the smokin' hot chef Giada De Laurentiis.

I don't usually think of basil and lemons with eggs, but it was a stunning combination. The recipe calls for meyer lemon olive oil. Who has that hanging around the house? Instead my friend used normal olive oil with some lemon zest. It worked fine. Instead of basil and lemon, you could put in sausage and parsley or some ham and rosemary.

This is going to be my new brunch recipe.


Phil said...

That sounds seriously yummy! I may have to fix something similar for myself tomorrow.

I don't usually think of basil and lemon with eggs, either, but they line up sort of like eggs Florentine -- with the spinach and the acidic mustard/cheese sauce over the egg and English muffin as analogues for the basil, lemon, oil, and focaccia.

Yesterday for breakfast I had two eggs fried in olive oil, sunny side up, with a little bit of prepared salsa verde (from a can) and some grated parmesan. Most yummy. Not as special as your basil and lemon, but still good.

Leslie said...

I'll have to give that a whirl. I usually have eggs in the morning. Today I used what I had obtained from the farmer's market. Fresh baby spinach with Big Boy (low acidic) tomatoes with feta cheese. Fast and fresh...just the way I like it. : )