Monday, July 2, 2007

Paris dining: Auberge St. Roch

Tired, hot and hungry, we stumbled across a tiny restaurant in an old timbered building on rue St. Roch off of rue de Rivoli. I noticed French people inside eating so I figured it had to be decent at least. Much to our great delight, the meal was fantastic!
By the way, if you are looking for a place to eat in Paris, go to the places where you see French people eating (you can identify the French by their style and their cigarettes). Do not go to places were you see a bunch of German or English tourists. What do they know about food?

The Auberge St. Roch must surely have the best escargots in Paris if not the world. I wish I'd ordered them, but my friend gave me a taste of hers. She described them as good enough to make her weep. In addition to the usual treatment of garlic and butter, these escargots also included cream. I cannot think of anything better than a sauce of garlic, butter and cream. If you go to Paris do not miss this place!

Those of us who did not order escargots were not let down either. We ate veal roulade in a mushroom cream sauce that also featured some butter. The roulade was perfection! The stuffing was mildly spiced meat. Other than that, I could not identify the ingredients and the menu only said roulade de veau aux champignons so I do not know precisely what was in it. It doesn't matter though, the veal was delicious! I wanted to lick my plate again.

We didn't have dessert. Instead we went to Angelina's for hot chocolate. Angelina's will get a posting of its own, so stayed tuned!

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