Thursday, July 26, 2007

Flavored water?

I have recently tried two types of flavored water, mostly out of curiosity because I'd seen them on the shelves at the supermarket. One was Target's own brand and the other was Dansai . The Target brand was elderflower and pear flavored. The Dansai was lemon flavored. Both were horrible. What is wrong w/ plain old water? If you want flavor, cut up some REAL lemon or lime wedges and squeeze it into the water.

The list of artificial ingredients in these flavored waters is shocking. I do not want to drink things I've never heard of. In addition some of these waters have a lot of carbs and all of them are high in sodium, relatively speaking. Drinking water is supposed to be healthy.

I am a water purist. I do not even like my water gaseuse like the French. Put bubbles in my champagne but not my water, please.

So I stand in the aisle at Target surrounded by flavored water and think, "Water, water everywhere but ne'er a drop to drink."


Phil said...

Do you remember the bottled water with caffeine from ~'96? Crank-2-O was one brand, I think. Naaaaasty.

Kelly said...

HAHAHAHAHA! No, I do not recall. I lived abroad. Sounds gross!

Andy said...

Thaaank you. I taught public school last year (emphasis on *last* year), and it was fascinating how the high schoolers would be desperate for soft drinks but treat plain water as poison. I made a rule that they couldn't have drinks in the classroom, but water was an exception. "Is flavored water ok?" "No, just plain." "Oh... never mind."

Mukesh said...

try savana brand flavoured waters , there are seven flavours and some of them are too good

Angel said...

A friend recently served cucumber water at a baby shower. She saw it on a television show, so decided to try it. She simply sliced up some cukes and put them in the water. I generally agree with you regarding the flavored water, but CUCUMBER WATER ROCKS!!!