Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nana's after work

I'm so lucky to have Nana's as my local restaurant / bar. It is a 5 minute walk from my house. Last night I met some girls there after work for drinks and apps. The apps were hearty enough for us not to need dinner.

We shared a bottle of Vouvray that was buttery, crisp, bone dry and ever so slighly effervescent when it was poured. I'm obsessed with finding good Vouvray here after my sojourn in the Loire last month where the wine lists had pages of Vouvray!

For our apps, we shared three items: 1. cheese plate comprising two goat cheeses from Celebrity Dairy and three cows milk cheeses from Chapel Hill Creamery, 2. liver pate with currant jam, mustard, and cornichons, 3. gnocchi with lamb ragu.

The cheese plate and pate are regular features on the menu. My girlfriends and I order them often. The pate is silky smooth and the liver does not overwhelm the flavor. I like the cheese plate although I buy the local cheeses all the time so I would have liked something different and something blue.

The gnocchi with lamb was just great! I am picky about how lamb is prepared. Sometimes it is tough and too strong. This lamb was braised for hours and perfectly tender. I am thinking of going back some evening soon and just ordering that for my dinner if it is still on the menu.

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Phil said...

Vouvray is such a nice wine. Do you go to the Starlu try-and-buys? A fantastic way to drink around the world.