Friday, July 20, 2007

Easy summer recipes from Mark Bittman

This week's NYT Food section includes an article from Mark Bittman, one of my favorite cookbook authors, with 1o1 easy summer recipes. These recipes are geared towards people who don't like to cook much when the weather is sizzling hot and people who like quick, easy, tasty recipes because they've worked all day and don't want to slave in the kitchen on a Tuesday night. I fit into both categories. Sometimes I also come home from work and stare uninspired at my cupboard wondering what to make. This list of recipes will be great inspiration when I'm stuck.

Bittman contends that all of these recipes take 10 minutes or less. Furthermore, cooking at home is more economical and healthy than dining out. The recipes seem easy to follow. I trust Bittman's work. His compendium How to Cook Everything is a cookbook that everyone should have, especially cooking neophytes.

I really want to try the gazpacho recipe.

Go print the article before it is archived by selecting the print icon on the right of the page.

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