Wednesday, April 18, 2007

12th Annual Farm Tour

If you don't have plans for the weekend, you might consider the 12th Annual Piedmont Farm Tour held in Orange and Chatham counties. The tour features 34 sustainable farms that are managed to be environmentally and socially responsible.

One of my favorite spots on the tour is the Celebrity Farm Dairy. It is a goat farm that produces goat cheese. The goats are charming and usually there are baby goats running around this time of year.

Piedmont Biofuels is also on the tour. This "farm" does research on biofuels and produces small quantities of bio-deisel.

I love to go on the tour to pick up organic produce. One of my favorite greens is in season right now: rocket, aka arugula. I try to pick up a large bag at one of the farms to take home to make rocket pesto which is so good that I could eat it w/ a spoon!

This year the farm tour will also feature a couple of Chatham Co. wineries for the first time. I am hoping to hit those.

The tour costs $25 per car and it is a tax deductible.

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