Wednesday, April 11, 2007

NYT Brownie recipes

This is a good week of recipes in the New York Times. Often the recipes are too frou frou or esoteric even for me. And that's saying something!

Imagine my delight to see three, yes THREE, brownie recipes accompanying an article by Julie Moskin called "Simple Pleasure, American Style." The article is a delightful essay on the history and development of an American original: the brownie. As we've become more sophisticated, so have our brownies. Once they had only a scant 2 ounces of chocolate. That's not enough chocolate for anything! Happily progress has led us to prefer 70% bittersweet Caillebaut and Sharffenberger.

The NYT archives articles after a week and they charge a fee for accessing archive materials, so print your brownie recipes now. I'm going to try the recipe that verges on chocolate truffledom first. Hopefully I will try all of them eventually.

The problem w/ making a pan of brownies is that I am tempted to eat them singlehandedly!

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