Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spinach, feta and pinenut tart

My friend requested my assistance for a party this evening. She was in need of a vegetarian main course. I made this spinach pie inspired by the the Greek dish called spanikopita. My sister-in-law found this recipe on another blog called Je Mange la Ville, but it was first printed in Gourmet, Nov 1998.

The spinach pie was a huge success. Next time I might add a little garlic though. Phyllo dough makes anything fabulous. It requires delicate handling so the thin sheets don't tear (keeping the dough covered w/ damp paper towls helps a lot), but it is worth the trouble and, unlike puff pastry, it is basically idiot-proof. The pie was made with six sheets of phyllo. Between each layer was melted butter and grated parmesan. YUM! The toasted pine nuts lend an earthy flavor and a nice bite to the dish. I also used Bulgarian sheep's milk feta because it actually has flavor. Domestic cow's milk feta is dull by comparison, plus real feta is made w/ sheep's milk.

The blog Je Mange la Ville has some great recipes on it. Michelle, the blogger, and I must be kindred spirits: same age, two cats, studied French, love food, read cookbooks. Check out her web site. She's been at this longer than I have and she has pictures of the food as she prepares it!

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