Wednesday, April 25, 2007

An Italitan shop: Capri Flavors

I don't venture to Cary too often, but one of my stops there has been Capri Flavors. It is a wonderful Italian market that carries items shipped weekly from Italy. They sell a variety of delicious Italian cheeses. The gorgonzola is the best to be found in the area! There is a myriad of dried pasta, sauces, oils, olives, capers, sausages and frozen wonders like lobster ravioli, canoli filling, and who knows what. I'm sure the bounty depends on the week.

I bought several cheeses and salami for a plate of antipasta for a party. I also bought salted capers which are preferable to the ones in brine. I was most delighted, however, by the frozen lobster ravioli. It was quite simply divine. Since childhood, I have adored ravioli. Any time we'd go to an Italian restaurant, I'd order ravioli. I've branched out slightly since then, but I am still very interested when I see ravioli on the menu!

I fixed the lobster ravioli for my lunch today (in part because there was nothing else to eat) with some butter, parmesan, and crab meat. The filling was rich, creamy and smooth. It was like lobster bisque wrapped in dough! YUM. The crab was overkill. I should have left it at butter and ravioli.

As if the market wasn't enough, Capri Flavors offers cooking classes. I took my team to one of these cook classes as a "team building" event. It was their idea. So much better than bowling, baseball, or laser tag! The store owner, Titina, gives the cooking class. We learned to make the best tomato bruschetta (lots and lots of olive oil and a shocking amount of salt), veal saltimboca, a pepper gratin, and a dessert of vanilla ice cream w/ espresso and brandy poured over it. When peppers and tomatoes are in season, I'll try these at home.

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Carrie said...

I live only a few miles from CapriFlavors but went there for the first time a few months ago. I agree, it's great! I would love to take one of the cooking classes.

Now, if only they were open on Sundays... :)