Thursday, May 24, 2007

Asparagus as comfort food

Ok, I still have an evil cold so I am not cooking or eating except whatever requires the bare minimum and qualifies as comfort food. (The only thing I really miss about not having a man around is the fact there I have to get out of bed to make my own herbal tea when I'm sick).

Saturday I bought some asparagus at the farmers market. A couple of days ago I went to Wholefoods to pick up some chicken noodle soup and some good bread. I got a loaf from La Ferme Bakery which is a local place run by a French master baker. I also had a good sharp cheddar in the fridge.

With these ingredients on hand, I decided to toast and butter two slices of the bread, top w/ several spears of cooked aparagus, and cover with a cheddar cheese sauce. The cheese sauce is simple a bechamel w/ grated cheese thrown in: melt a T. of butter, add a T. of flour and combine. Add milk slowly. Probably a cup, but I'm not really sure. It should be the consistency of gravy. Then add about 4oz of shredded cheddar. Salt and pepper to taste.

My grandmother and mother used to make this in the spring when my grandfather's asparagus was growing. In my humble view, this is the very best thing to do w/ asparagus. Eating it reminds me of my loved ones. I think about how my grandfather had the greenest thumb this side of Eden and how this did NOT rub off on me!

I don't even bother with side dishes. The only side it needs is possibly some fresh tomato slices.

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Krista said...

Feel better Kelly.