Thursday, May 3, 2007

Queen of Sheba is closing!!

The Ethiopian restaurant The Queen of Sheba on Graham St. in Chapel Hill will be closing around June 1. The property has been sold to a developer who is putting in a high rise on that land. The developer promised to aid the proprietress of Queen of Sheba in finding a new location. Of course it was a false promise.

I am prostrate with grief! But not as grief-stricken as the owner. She said she's been weeping for two weeks. She had a place lined up in Durham to re-open but it has fallen through due to the high cost of rent.

We will be bereft of the beautiful, delicious, sexy food from The Queen of Sheba. The owner will be out of business with her primary source of income gone, demolished in a heap to make way for some ugly office space or yuppy condos. I'm sure the purpose of the new development is to bring up that end of Franklin Street. The council probably approved the zoning. It depresses me. How much local business has to be squashed in the name of progress?

Well I'm sure the owner is a fighter and survivor. She may down, but she's not out. I'm rooting for her. I'll let you know when she starts up another restaurant or a catering business.


Andy said...

You will of course let us know as soon as you hear anything, right? My mom is a friend of Friesha and spent days driving around looking for rental spaces for her (unsuccessfully, of course).

Thomas said...

Have there been any updates about this? We really miss that place. I had heard she was opening back up in one of those Durham plazas (I think the new one across from New Hope, but I'm not sure).

Has anyone heard anything?

Susan said...

Friesh is is reopening in Timberlyne shopping center in Chapel Hill on NOV 1 2008. I am not sure the name is the same...

This is a hard tome to be opening a restaurant so we all need to do our part to keep her open this time!