Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sustainable agriculutre: not just veggies

After hanging out on local farms, the co-op in Carrboro and the farmers' market, I'm on a sustainable agriculture kick. The food we eat should absolutely NOT be an environmental hazard. Somehow eating food for our nourishment and health that is damaging to our health because of pesticides and herbicides seems oxymoronic to me. In addition the idea that we would eat food for our well-being at the expense of the well-being of farm workers and animals is equally ridiculous.

I'm glad I live in an area where there are so many options for supporting organic, sustainable farming.

With Mothers' Day coming up, I found myself in a pickle of a situation. My mother lives 800 miles away so I cannot really pick up a gift for her at the farmers' market and drop it off. Buying something online and shipping it to her was really my only option. Recognizing that shipping things across the country takes an environmental toll, I wanted to find a gift that would offset that somewhat and was not made in China. Imagine my delight to discover Organic Bouquet

Besides selling certified organic flowers that comply with sustainable agriculture practices, these people gave 10% of the sale to Amnesty International! I cannot even tell you how much this warms my heart. Plus the bouquets online line are gorgeous. I hope my mom likes hers.

So if you need a gift or a table arrangement for a dinner party, I highly suggest ordering online at Organic Bouquet!

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