Monday, May 14, 2007

Lunch in RTP: Part 7

I am astonished at the quality of food that can be found within the vecinity of RTP if one is determined!

I recently tried two new places.

1. El Meson de Fuentes is located off of Morrisville-Carpenter Road. It is my new favorite Mexican place. I still love Salsa Fresh but it's repetoire is limited mostly to burritos of the California ilk. El Meson is TONS better than either El Rodeo or Torerros, local institutions. It is far and away better than El Dorado over at hwy 54/hwy 55 intersection. The food actually looks like it was once vegetal or animal. It is fresh, not overly greasy, and homemade. I have had the chimichanga both fried and soft (unfried) and the steak quesadilla. All were excellent and came w/ a side of guacamole. That seals the deal for me! My friend one time ordered the tacos. They were basically corn tortillas w/ different types of meat fillings piled on: chorizo, beef, and picadillo. They also have tasty margaritas, which should always be on the rocks! Frozen...ewww.

2. Baby Moon Cafe and Bakery is located on Airport in a strip mall (ugh) just past the dive bar O'Mulligans. It's been there a while and I've never been. Fortunately one of my colleagues suggested we go there on Friday when all of the guys were out playing golf (I sure hope they took that as vacation). I ordered a vegetarian chef salad with lemon viniagrette. It was outstanding and included among the greens roasted red pepper, white beans, zuchinni, summer squash, tomato, olives, and goat cheese. My companions had grilled chicken sandwiches with pesto and mozarella which looked and smelled really tasty. They gave two thumbs up on the chicken sandwiches.

Rather surprisingly for RTP, the Baby Moon has an interesting wine list. We shared a bottle of prosecco among the four of us. It was delightful but I got back to work and needed a nap. I have no idea how people managed the three martini lunches back in the old days.


Carrie said...

You might be thinking of Baby Moon Cafe -

I agree it's really good! A little slow for lunch time though - you definitely need more than an hour.

I haven't been to that Mexican place yet but will have to give it a try.

Kelly said...

Oh yeah. Baby Moon! Thanks!