Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Blue Ridge Restaurant

The Blue Ridge Restaurant is located at the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh. It is open for lunch everyday, dinner on Fri., and brunch on the weekends. I love the space: light, airy, chic, with floor to ceiling windows giving a view of the museum park. I like to book a table for brunch and then go look around the museum.

This past weekend, I went for brunch on Sunday. Then my friend and I went to the exhibit on Egyptian Art from the British Museum. Both the brunch and the museum were great! We had a very civilized and cultured afternoon!

At the restaurant, I could not decide what to order. Everything sounded delish on the menu. And I scoped out other people's food as it went by. It looked and smelled good. What a good sign! After consulting w/ the waiter, I ordered a sweet potato biscuit w/ ham, egg, fried tomato (would have been even better as a GREEN tomato), and hollandaise. It was sooooo good! The waiter mentioned that this was his favorite item on the brunch menu.

My friend ordered a mezze platter which included eggplant, hummous and artichoke dips and a plateful of fresh, gorgeous vegetables. Yummy but way too healthy for me!
The coffee was strong and dark.

I cannot wait to have dinner there one Friday evening, and visit my old friends in the picture gallery.

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